A Step, A Leap, A Mile

Wow. Been almost a month since I posted. Shows how busy I am since college began!

It’s been a roller-coast ride in general. Adapting to new environment, new people, new learning methods, and a whole new level of workload!! Still, I’m managing well 🙂

That’s not the point of this post, though. Since I found the time to post, might as well make it a constructive one! Continue reading


Day 2 – Why Don’t People Learn?

At least 10 years of education, people still don’t know something like basic respect :/

Maybe I’m just nit-picky, but honestly, students should just listen to lectures and not do anything. Want to sleep, go ahead, since you’re going to sleep silently. Why go on your laptop and start surfing for gaming websites or what not? <_< Are you THAT desperate… …

So yeah. Pet peeve of mine, since I feel that whoever is talking should get the respect that they deserve, so it irks me to the max when I see these ongoing around me.

Now that day 2 has passed, I can feel things about to heat up and become more challenging to handle. But I’ll live through it.

Another Chapter Begins

And so it begins, with Day 1 in college.

I have to say I was initially only half looking forward to going to college, obviously because I’ve not touched books and listened attentively for lectures for the past 2.5 years. It’s a large contrast to the slacking life I’ve had.

However a promise I’ve made to myself is to make sure I’m going to work hard to get grades I desire. I’m not planning to just hang around aloof like I’ve been, because after all, it’s a competitive environment I’ll be in.

Honestly though, the first day was pretty interesting! I’ve had an insight to how engaging lecturers can be, and it’s truly something amazing to look forward to. It makes me want to work even harder, and I’ll definitely do that! 🙂

I also intend to listen to the advice of one of the professors, and this advice is definitely going to help in one way or another. I’m sure of it.

Till then, the new chapter begins! 🙂 Excitement and adventure awaits the hungry soul!

An Inspiration That Lasts

Truly a sensational person and feat this person has had through the multiple events over the years since he was a child till the time he has retired.

Michael Phelps just inspires many to be like him, and he definitely managed to achieve that. His feats are also recognized, and it always brings cheers to all who support him.

Sure there may have been a few mistakes he made in the past, shocking losses — but this all just made him even better, I feel. After all, everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect.

With his retirement from the Olympics and the very last event he took part in coming to an end (with him clinching another Gold to his tally!), I can only say that he definitely will be remembered in the world of swimming, and this is definitely going to last for a very long time to come. An inspiration that is Michael Phelps, it’ll be sad to see him go, but I’m very sure many others will step up to the game in the future Olympics to come. 🙂

The Distance

4 years.

That’s going to be how long my journey is going to be, in University. Things are going to be radically different, the environment, the people… everything.

At the same time there are obviously things I want to get settled. 4 years is not a long time, I tell you. Just as how 2 years of army was — it ended surprisingly quick.

Yet I’m also equipped with the knowledge that not everything can be done in a large leap; you’ll just fall to your death that way.

So I’ll take things step by step, slowly, with stability. One person can only do so much, but when you focus, “so much”, truly does become that much 🙂

It’s nearly time for my next phase of my journey to begin, and the distance to travel in this journey will be… long. Very long.

The Dark Mirror

I find it strange yet reasonable.

Doesn’t it seem like the only time a person begins to reflect on his doings, his everyday actions and whatever he should be doing next, happens at night? It’s as if only at night, will there be this “invisible mirror” that you can see somewhere, which starts to make you think about yourself.

It’s as if this comes by very naturally, and I mean very.

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